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Keep Your Home Remodeling Project on Budget

Keep Your Home Remodeling Project on Budget

One of the most difficult parts of finding the right contractor is trusting them with your budget. Most likely, you have heard nightmare stories about a simple project taking twice as long and costing 3 times as much as the contractor originally quoted. This story inevitably comes with all sorts of other complaints from the homeowner: rude employees or subcontractors, poor quality workmanship, or cheap material selections needing replacement can all drive up the price and timeline of a project. There are, however, a few ways that you can identify whether or not the contractor in question will care for your home as if it was their own.

Experience Level

How often does he do this type of project?

If this is the first kitchen remodel or one of the first, he is still learning to account for major details. This contractor may seem more affordable upfront, but you will pay more for the lack of experience throughout the job. 

Expertise Level

What standard of quality does the contractor hold for jobs?

If the contractor typically flips houses, but you’re wanting a high end remodeling project, that contractor will be out of his or her depth. They will not know how to finish out on a higher end and may not know how to finish out on an average end either. It is better for that contractor to continue flipping houses.  

Communication Methods

Does he write down details or tend to verbally communicate leaving conceptual details to his imagination?

A professional contractor should know how to clearly communicate the details for each job including all materials, special instructions for how they will be installed, what will be removed, what will be added and the time the homeowner can expect to see this work begin and end. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders mentions multiple times in this article, the importance of having communication clarified and written out before the project begins. So, yes, ALL OF THIS SHOULD BE WRITTEN DOWN! 

Will you pay more for this type of professional service? Yes. Will it be worth it to avoid the headaches that come with low quality materials, less experienced workers, and a lesser standard for the finished product? Absolutely.



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