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A Contractor Walks into a Jewelry Shop

A Contractor Walks into a Jewelry Shop

Chances are, you’ve had to buy jewelry for a loved one. I have been buying jewelry for my wife for 23 years from various sources. A few years ago I stumbled into a jewelry store looking to buy a birthday gift. I was so impressed with that jeweler, I have not even considered going anywhere else ever since. How does this relate to home remodeling? The jewelry buying process is very similar to the home remodeling process.

Expertise Makes all the Difference

Let me get this out of the way... I’m not a jeweler, which is to say that I know absolutely nothing about jewelry. Therefore, when I walk into my jeweler’s store, I need an expert jeweler. This needs to be someone who can help me understand the difference between lower grade and excellent jewelry. Usually I can tell the difference once he shows me, but if left to my own intuition my jewelry purchases would be a complete flop. This is why I have continued to go to the same jeweler year after year.

You Can’t Beat High-End, Personalized Service

This jeweler has taken the time to get to know me and my wife as well as our tastes. He takes the time to walk me through selections to see what makes the most sense to me. He helps me understand the difference between the more common and superior stones. There are no charlatan tricks. He is open, honest, and interested in my opinion. Because of his expertise, I have confidence knowing that I am making the right purchase.

A Quality Experience Requires Trust

Trust and mutual respect are imperative to a good working relationship with your contractor. Looking for a contractor based on price vs. trust can go wrong. Trust is far more valuable; it gives you the confidence that your contractor is truly looking out for your interests. An honest contractor will go the extra mile to ensure that you’re getting the best experience for the best price. They should also be open and honest about the legitimate costs of your project, especially if your requests are leading to a budget overage.

Home Remodeling Requires a Holistic View of Project Management

Looking for a contractor to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen in your house should be approached the same way as buying jewelry for a loved one. One doesn’t always buy earrings or bracelets by themselves – sometimes, you have to buy them in a set. This is reminiscent of doing a whole house remodel with multiple baths, adding onto a house to build a dream kitchen, or adding an upstairs living space, game room, or home office.

I’ve been doing high-end remodeling for 13 years and 4 of those years have been here in Austin. Throughout my many endeavors, while I have plenty of success stories, I’ve learned just as much – if not more – from the less-than pleasant experiences. It’s taught me what to look for in a customer, but also what a customer should expect from me and my work. Expertise, personalized service, and trustworthiness are some of the most important qualities that a homeowner can look for in a contractor. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at (512) 387-5335 or email us here.

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