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Remodeling Should be FUN!!

Remodeling Should be FUN!!

We know that remodeling done right is FUN! What usually keeps the remodeling process from being fun, is incompetent contractors. As the old adage says, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. When a contractor does not know how to plan a job from start to finish, that gets frustrating. Even worse, if your contractor doesn’t know how to execute quality design, that can get infuriating. Then, there’s the nightmare scenario in which a contractor miscalculates the cost of the job, that can be outright disastrous! But, none of that sounds fun at all.

A Quality Experience Comes From Pre-Construction

Our mantra is all about QUALITY: Quality planning, Quality materials, and Quality execution. Having a Quality contractor guarantees that the remodeling process will be more fun! In a well thought out Pre-Construction phase, we walk each homeowner through the planning stage of the project. This helps us account for every detail of the project so that we can consider those details within the frame of the existing budget. The Pre-Construction phase allows us to provide expert advice to the homeowner so they can select the best materials for the project. Oftentimes, we will even point the homeowner to innovative products that will enhance the experience with their new kitchen or bathroom.

One of the best parts of the Pre-Construction phase is that it provides the homeowner a chance to get to know us and vice versa. This builds the homeowner’s confidence that their project is designed around their personal needs and wants. It’s also always more fun to work with people whom you already have great rapport.

Keep the Homeowner in the Loop

By the end of the Pre-Construction phase we provide weekly schedules of what to expect throughout the course of the project. Not only does this allow the homeowner to track the progress of their project (which can be fun in its own right), it also allows them to plan their lives. We believe that our homeowners should be able to live and work with as little difficulty as possible during the remodeling process.

Stay on Budget

Many contractors throw out a bid without really knowing the full work or desired materials. This inevitably leads to mid-project surprise budgets adjustments, which is not fun in anyone’s book. By the end of the Pre-Construction phase, we provide a fixed price for the project based on the full scope of work and material selections. An informed fixed price allows the homeowner to relax during their project as they watch it unfold according to plan and within budget. Avoid the headaches and nightmare experiences encountered with so many other contractors. We have 13 years experience planning, organizing and executing quality remodels.

Helton Remodeling Services, LLC specializes in custom, budget driven kitchen, bath, and whole house remodels in the Austin Metro Area. Give us a call today to start planning your future project. (512) 387-5335

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