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Tips for Making the Most out of your Home Remodeling Internet Inspiration

Tips for Making the Most out of your Home Remodeling Internet Inspiration

There are hundreds, probably even thousands of home inspiration magazines and photos online. Pinterest and Instagram alone can get overwhelming once you delve into the home decor and remodeling categories. This phenomenon has, over time, become known as decision-paralysis . When presented with too many choices, people will sometimes just throw their hands up and say “Nevermind!”

Don’t fall into the decision-paralysis trap, though. Inspiration is important for any home remodeling project, it’s just a matter of making sense of the photos and ideas that are currently available. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you hone in on your ideal kitchen or bathroom designs so that you can have a successful remodeling project.

First, identify the style of your current home. How would you describe your home to a stranger? Is it traditional? Modern? Eclectic? Colonial? It’s important to maintain the same or a similar style throughout the home. This will help you choose design elements that are consistent and provide your home with a sense of balance and continuity.

Once you’ve determined the style of your home, try to filter through the photos and suggestions by only picking out pictures that look similar to your home. In order to creatively think through your home remodeling project, you need to be able to envision what those inspirational photos would look like in your own home. Choosing photos that are already in a similar style to your current home will make it easier for you to build a picture in your mind. This will keep you on a good track with design, simplifying the field of design choices.

Size is, perhaps, the biggest factor that homeowners should take into consideration when researching design elements for their remodeling project. Try to stay focused on photos of rooms that are similar in size to the room you’re hoping to remodel. This will give you a realistic idea of what will actually fit into your floor plan. For example, an oversized walk-in shower might be luxurious and beautiful, but if your bathroom is 5’ x 10’, a walk in shower probably isn’t a practical solution. If you aren’t working with an exceptionally large space, search specifically for images of newly designed small- or mid-sized bathrooms to get inspiration. This will help keep your expectations in line with both your budget and space requirements.

If you bring pictures that are reflective of the size and style of your home, your contractor can help you identify the specific elements that will work the best. They should be able to help you identify which parts of the photos you find most attractive. Even though the shear number of options available to us now-a-days can be overwhelming, those options give us so much creative freedom. While it can be fun to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ of cool home architecture and designs, be sure to stay realistic and on task when planning your home remodeling project.

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