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Inspiration pictures should make your remodel easier

Inspiration pictures should make your remodel easier

Home improvement magazines (both print and online) like to show off some of the most beautiful homes available to the photographers and editors. These homes are designed from the ground up to be literally picture perfect. They might be filled with 8-foot doorways, 12-foot-long marble countertops, and intricate oversized chandeliers. Custom created floor plans and high-end interior design choices can draw in the reader and make them fall in love with a certain style or ‘look’. The designs shown in magazines are usually gorgeous, but be sure to keep your feet on the ground when remodeling your existing house. For some tips on how to make the most out of your internet inspiration, stay tuned for our next blog post .

There are two stylistic features to consider when remodeling your home:

The first stylistic feature is size. Sizing issues can include some or many of the following: massive showers in a small bathroom, 4x12 countertop island in a 3,500 square foot house, double decker wall cabinets in a kitchen with 9 foot ceilings. These can all overpower the rest of the room, throwing it off-balance. Take the oversized countertop as an example. Besides being humongous, there are practical issues related to installing such a big countertop such as navigating the piece through the house.  While a big countertop sounds great and most likely looks incredible in the picture, most homes with countertops that size will be over 7,000 square feet with a kitchen spanning 500-600 square feet. If this does not describe your kitchen or house, that beautiful countertop probably does not belong there.

The second stylistic feature that you should consider is the actual style of the home. When planning a home remodeling project, it’s important to take into consideration the way that your home was originally designed and built. For example, I recently visited a house in which the homeowner wanted to make some drastic changes for resale. The house was a classic traditional home and the homeowner wanted something contemporary. The issue with tweaking this type of house is determining where to stop the remodeling process. All of the trim, doors, cabinets, hardware, etc. are in a particular style, right down to the coffin ceilings. Even subtle contemporary changes can clash with the rest of the home’s traditional style. This can cause the home to seem like it was designed in a ‘hodge-podge’  way.

Balancing the personality of the home as a whole with the design choices of each individual room is key to a successful home remodeling projec t. This can be challenging for homeowners who have opted out of using an interior designer . Even without the help of an interior designer, the best contractors will help guide you in the right direction. Sometimes, this might even include telling the homeowner that their vision just isn’t going to work. Ultimately, your contractor’s goal should be to ensure that your remodeling project is high quality, turns out beautifully, and provides your home with a sense of harmony and cohesiveness.

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