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Austin Trends - Shaker Style Cabinets

Austin Trends - Shaker Style Cabinets

As 2018 wraps up, we wanted to take a look at some of the upcoming trends that you might start to see around in 2019. Since custom cabinetry is one of our specialties at Helton Remodeling, let’s start with one of the trends we’ve noticed in cabinets, the Shaker style.

It’s hard to say that the Shaker style is just a ‘trend’, it’s been around since the 1700s!! Generally, Shaker style cabinets have a ‘frame’ around the main door piece, which is recessed. Shaker cabinets have been around for centuries, really showing us that this cabinet style isn’t just a trend, but a classic. One of the best things about Shaker style cabinets is that their simple structure allows the homeowner to express their style with use of color and materials, without being overwhelming. Some homeowners choose to go with an off-white or linen color, while some prefer a wood grain. If you tend to like a contemporary traditional style, it isn’t uncommon to see a dark grey, either.

The beauty of a Shaker style cabinet is that the simplicity of the design allows the homeowner to get creative with color and fixtures while maintaining a sense of classic sensibility. Shaker cabinets can complement the clean lines of more modern fixtures, but they can also showcase a more traditional or ornate fixture, as well. Plumbing and lighting fixtures as well as mirrors have moved to straight lines. Even cylinder style fixtures display a simplicity that Shaker cabinets can easily complement. Perhaps this is why we do not see an end to the emergence of the Shaker cabinet in the near future. It is our most requested cabinet for the last three years and the requests keep on coming. What makes the Shaker style so different today is the color options which are easily changed in the future if those colors are no longer trending. This flexibility is what seems to attract so many Austin area homeowners to this style of cabinet.

If you have questions about your design ideas or have been considering a home remodeling project for 2019, email or call us. Our custom cabinet shop can help you create your dream kitchen or bathroom.

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