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Why Price Shopping Could Lead to Disaster for your Home Remodeling Project

Why Price Shopping Could Lead to Disaster for your Home Remodeling Project

Today, I received a call from a potential client looking for someone to remodel a master bathroom. I like to know particulars on the phone, so I began asking various questions to help wrap my brain around the project prior to an in-house consultation. Over the course of a few questions I learned that the potential client recently had their kitchen remodeled. This always gets my attention, and at the appropriate time I asked why the potential client is not using the same company for the master bathroom project.


Typically, I hear a long list of horror stories related to the horrible work done and the constant cost increases throughout the project even though the scope of work and materials remain the same. I was surprised to hear in this phone call that the other contractor is also consulting on the job and that the potential client was very happy with the previous work. This discovery caused me to bow out of the project from the beginning. I also strongly urged the potential client to utilize her trusted contractor knowing that he would be the best option for her.


Price Shopping


I am not completely sure why she was looking for other options, but if it was a desire to find a better deal, she is playing a dangerous game. We all struggle with the irresistible urge to price shop. In fact, we price shop probably every day. Whether we use the Honey app to compare price drops and seek out the best deals online or simply go from store to store, we all want to find that amazing deal.


There is a huge difference, though, when it comes to price shopping for a TV than price shopping for a contractor. Most deals in stores and online shopping are for the same exact product. It is the same product manufactured from the same country just sold in different stores. Construction is not like that!


Construction doesn’t have Pre-determined Pricing


Construction could be compared to art. My fourteen-year-old stopped drawing pictures for me a long time ago but I still have some of his artwork. It is valuable in my eyes, however, I am under no illusion that someone else will see past its sentimental value, much less be willing to buy it. My seven-year-old still draws me pictures. She is quite talented, but I still get stick figures for people and absolutely love it. Now, what makes these two children different than a professional artist? Why will someone buy a Kinkade painting of a house but not one of my children’s paintings of our house? Quality, Skill, Experience, and OVER ALL BETTER PRESENTATION.


Not all of us are art experts. I surely am not. That is where trust comes into the picture. I am not particularly drawn toward Thomas Kinkade art, but I trust him as a recognized artist and know that his painting have inherent value. If a piece struck me the right way, I might be willing to purchase it based on that trust. This leads me back to our original story with the potential client. I am not sure what she was looking for in another contractor. What struck me as odd is that she seemed to really appreciate her current contractor and trusted him to do a good job. Furthermore, he has already done a great job on her kitchen. This is a WIN-WIN scenario, and I strongly encourage potential clients to look for the WIN-WIN.


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