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Why Sharing Your Budget With Your Contractor Is Important

Why Sharing Your Budget With Your Contractor Is Important

Congratulations! You just bought the home of your dreams. Parts of the house may need fixing up or you simply may just want to expand on a great location. Or, maybe your kids have graduated college–which means you’ve gotten the biggest raise of your life. Now, you can build that game room you’ve always wanted or upgrade your kitchen that’s still stuck in the 1990s.

No matter what our circumstances are when it comes time for our remodel, we often ask ourselves this one question: Should I tell my contractor what my budget is?

Let me put it this way: you probably wouldn’t ask the clerk to give you a random bottle of wine. Maybe you get lucky and are blindly handed the perfect bottle that meets both your taste and budget. But that’s highly unlikely–and why risk getting into something you can’t afford or being stuck with something you hate?

I think we can all agree that consultation goes a long way when it comes to buying consumer products like wine. Why should hiring a contractor be any different?

In my last blog, I discussed why hiring a contractor is like buying jewelry for a loved one. And how honesty is a huge ingredient of a successful business relationship–both with yourself and with your contractor.

Letting your contractor know your budget is like deciding whether you want a $60 bottle of wine or a $200 bottle of wine. Much like deciding between a bathroom remodel or a whole house remodel, both bottles of wine have their benefits–not to mention their time and place.

A $200 bottle is for very special occasions. Think about it: you’re not going to do a whole house remodel as often as there’s an Olympics or a Presidential Election. It will probably happen once, maybe twice, in your lifetime.

So save the big stuff for when you’re ready.

Now, $60 or $100 bottle scenarios come up slightly more frequently.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t approach a bathroom or kitchen remodel the same way or any less seriously than a whole house remodel.

Maybe you want to build an office above your garage or redo a master bathroom. Aside from accepting that a group of workers will be in-and-out of your home over the course of several months, realize that even what may seem like a less serious commitment initially, is still something to take very seriously.

Being honest with your contractor about your budget will make your life so much easier. Not just in terms of the bill, but your vision as well. A budget is both a science and an art. Once we have your budget, we can discuss your vision.

A successful relationship with your contractor boils down to managing expectations on both ends. That begins with being honest about your budget. By knowing your budget, contractors can give a more accurate depiction of what your new remodel might look like.


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