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A Contractor Walks Into a Jewelry Shop

A Contractor Walks Into a Jewelry Shop

Chances are, you’ve had to buy jewelry for a loved one. I have been buying jewelry for

my wife for 23 years from various sources. A few years ago I stumbled into a jewelry

store looking to buy a birthday gift. I was so impressed with that jeweler, I have not even

considered going anywhere else ever since.

Why am I telling you this? It’s simple: This process is analogous to remodeling your


Let me get this out of the way... I’m not a jeweler, which is to say that I know

absolutely nothing about jewelry. Therefore, when I walk into my jeweler’s store, I need

an expert jeweler who can help me understand the difference between lower grade and

excellent jewelry. Usually I can tell the difference once he shows me, but if left to my

own intuition my jewelry purchases would be a complete flop year after year. This is

why I have continued to go to the same jeweler over the past few years. The other

jewelers just tried to sell me something.

This jeweler has taken the time to get to know me and my wife as well as our tastes. He

takes the time to walk me through selections to see what makes the most sense to me.

He helps me understand the difference between the more common and superior stones.

There are no charlatan tricks. He is open, honest, interested in my opinion and his

expertise gives me the confidence to make the right purchase year after year.

So how does that relate to contractor?

Looking for a contractor to remodel a bathroom or a kitchen in your house should be

approached the same way as someone walking into a jewelry store to buy a set of

earrings or a bracelet for a loved one.

One doesn’t always buy earrings or bracelets by themselves–sometimes, you have to

buy them in a set. This is reminiscent of doing a whole house remodel with multiple

baths, adding onto a house to build a dream kitchen, or adding an upstairs living space,

game room, or home office.

I’ve been doing higher end remodeling for 12 years and four of those years have been

here in Austin. Throughout my many endeavors, while I have plenty of success stories,

I’ve learned just as much–if not more–from the less-than pleasant experiences. It’s

taught me what to look for in a customer, but also what a customer should expect from

me and my work.

Acting like a “know-it-all” or going in with the mindset that the jeweler will do nothing but

rip you off is not ideal for either party involved. The underlying skepticism from you (the

buyer), and the sense of unease the jeweler gets as a result, sets the relationship off on

a rocky course; a course that is rarely corrected.

No matter what you’re looking for, remember these three pieces of advice to get

off on the right foot with your Contractor...

1) Do Your Research

2) Establish Trust

3) Have a Budget in Mind

Do Your Research

All of this should be prefaced by saying: Do your research. Referrals are a great way to

find a contractor that will work great for you. Generally speaking, a contractor that works

well with your neighbor or your friend’s budget will probably work for you depending on

the project.

Yelp, Facebook, and Google Reviews are also all great resources for a starting point.

Bottom line: Like finding a jeweler, start with your friends. Do your research. Read

between the lines.

Trust is Key

First and foremost, “trusting” doesn’t mean putting “blind faith” into someone. Trust goes

both ways. It begins with yourself and trusting your gut. Our intuition is a crazy thing and

if you’re uneasy about meeting with a contractor upon meeting them–they’re probably

not right for you.

The reasons I trust my jeweler are a great criteria for choosing a contractor. Like me

with a jewelry set, don’t be afraid to ask questions–a lot of questions.

My goal is to not only do fantastic work, but also build a strong relationship to earn more

work from you and any referrals you may provide in the future. Remember how my

jeweler has developed a knack for my taste over the course of time? The relationship

between contractor and client is no different. It’s an industry where a great relationship

can have wonderous results.

Know Your Numbers

Finally, go into the situation knowing how much you want to spend. When I go into the

jewelry store, I have an idea of what I want to walk away with. It is usually a safe

number that I feel comfortable spending. As I begin taking the tour of pieces that

interest me, I then have to make a decision. There inevitably will be a piece or set that

is over—and sometimes well over— what I planned to spend when I walk in.

This last time the jeweler showed me a very unique limited collection Effy ring. I was not sold on

the design and it was nearly three times what I wanted to spend. Those two criteria

made for a quick decision. Then he showed me another piece from the Effy limited

collection series. It was also quite a bit more than I had planned to spend, but it was

absolutely amazing and I knew my wife would love it. I took my time looking at it and

comparing it with some of my other selections. In the end It was worth the additional

cost and I made the purchase.

We tend to make most of our important purchases the same way—cars, tech gadgets,

homes. Remodeling follows the same pattern. Your budget should prioritize your

remodeling decisions. And it helps to have a professional contractor who can help you

work through your options based on your budget to make your decisions.

As a contractor, the budget helps me decide if I’m able to work with you and your

budget—and if I am able to do so, offer you the best idea of what that money and

budget can get you. Not unlike my jeweler knowing whether I can give my wife a new

necklace or a new set of earrings; as a contractor, I encourage my customers go into

the situation with a balance of trust between the two parties. Also, know that your ideal

budget is just that–an idea. Your competent contractor will help clarify and formulate

your options letting you decide the final version of your remodel.


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