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Remodeling Should Be Fun!

Remodeling Should Be Fun!

Helton Remodeling Services, LLC knows that remodeling done right is fun!  Avoid the headaches and nightmare experiences encountered with so many other contractors.  Poor planning leads to poor execution.

Helton Remodeling Services, LLC has 15 years experience planning, organizing and executing quality remodels. 

Helton Remodeling Services, LLC believes that remodeling should be FUN!  What keeps remodeling from being fun is incompetency.  

When a contractor does not know how to plan a job from start to finish, that is frustrating.  When a contractor does not know how to execute quality design, that is infuriating.  When a contractor miscalculates the cost of the job, that can be outright disastrous.  None of these are any FUN! 

Our mantra is all about QUALITY: Quality planning, Quality materials and Quality execution.  Quality guarantees more FUN every time.  

In a well thought through pre-construction phase, we walk each homeowner through the planning stage of the project in order to account for every detail and compare each detail with the existing budget.  We are able to provide expert advice to the homeowner to help him or her select the best materials for the project.  Often times we can point the homeowner to innovative products that will enhance personal satisfaction.  

This pre-construction phase provides a great opportunity in which the home owner gets to know us prior to construction.  The pre-construction phase builds the homeowner's confidence that his or her project is designed around the homeowner's personal needs and wants by a competent contractor.

By the end of the pre-construction phase we provide weekly schedules of what to expect throughout the course of the project so the homeowner can plan the rest of his or her life. 

We also provide a fixed price for the project based on full scope of work and material selections.