About Us

Brent Helton has 10 years experience in general contracting ranging from whole home renovations to additions. Upon completion of his Master's degree at Covenant Theological Seminary, Brent and his family moved to Austin and started a handyman business, Beyond Handyman Services, LLC.  The idea then was to provide high-quality handyman services to the Austin area. He took his experience with whole home remodeling and applied it to smaller projects in the Austin area. Within four months Brent was presented with his first whole home remodel in the Lakeway area.  The job involved painting the entire exterior and interior of the house, redoing two bathrooms, updating kitchen appliances, and replacing floors.  This job led to another, then another until 95% of the company’s work fell under the general role of contracting.  Due to the encouragement from his network of realtors and other professionals, Brent Helton changed the name of the business to Helton Remodeling Services, LLC in order to better reflect the focus of the company. 


Helton Remodeling Services, LLC specializes in Kitchen and Bath remodeling in the Austin area.  The company works closely with a very talented interior designer, noted for her design of an entire home in the Spanish Oaks custom home community.  The addition of a designer insures a better project with better products designed around the customer’s needs and desires.